The discord server is now up! https://discord.gg/kFFeX4C

In case you're wondering where did this come from, this site is a successor of the popular The New Method

That site will still be up, but will not be as maintained as this site. Don't worry, you'll still get to spam my Comment section here... don't.

Important: Flash is getting deprecated, so that's why HTML5 games have their own page now! For Chrome users, Flash will be gone after December 2020 (>_<) but in the meantime, follow this tutorial to enable it for now.

Dark mode coming soon! Also, hide the annoying heading bar by clicking on the arrow on the top right corner! Some games might require you to reload using CTRL+SHIFT+R at least a couple times before it works. And if there is anything wrong with the site, head over to the Comments section.

Otherwise, I hope this site is unblocked for you and....

The most popular game is Run 2 (vote here) and....


Happy Gaming! :)

Simon Cheng

Credits to Nabeel Ahmed for the barebone outline of the site. Thanks!

days since unblock modernization.